Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Barbering Training at ALD Hair, Beauty and Barbering Academy in Gateshead

Barbering Training at ALD Hair, Beauty and Barbering Academy in Gateshead

Barbering Training available at our academy in Gateshead for level's 1,2 & 3 for pre 16 students, 16-18 Study Programme Students, 19+ Adult Learning and also Apprenticeships!

Here's a little more info about our groups-

Study programme students receive FREE training and are paid for each day they attend with us plus their travel and lunch allowance all while working towards a fully recognised VTCT certification.

Students on apprenticeships will also receive FREE training and will be paid direct from their salon/placement for a minimum of 30 hours per week!  Employers can tap into £1500.00 grant for employing students aged 16-24 years.

Adult learning groups run 1 day per week 9.30am to 3pm with level 1 lasting approx 4-6 months, level 2 lasting approx 12 months and level 3 lasting approx 12 months.  Students aged 24 years or over can tap into the 24+ loan.
Please follow this link 


For more information about joining us please contcat us on 
0191 4777764
email: aldhairdressing@gmail.com
text: 07540411916

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Level 3 Hairdressing Training at ALD Hair and Beauty Academy in Gateshead

New Level 3 Hairdressing Training Course commencing June 2016

The Course will run every Monday 9.30am to 3pm lasting approx 12 months.

On completion students will receive VTCT fully recognised certification.

Students aged 24 years and over can apply for the 24 loan which is an excellent way to tap into funds that are only repayable if students begin earning £21000 or over.  The 24+ loan doesn't affect mortgages or any other loans, applications, etc.  Please follow this link for 24+ loan information - http://www.gateshead.gov.uk/Education%20and%20Learning/Adult%20Learning/courses/24PlusAdvancedLearningLoans.aspx

To be part of our new group please contact us for details on 0191 4777764 or email aldhairdressing@gmail.com or message us through facebook-

Here's some photos of of current level 3 hairdressing group working hard in colour corrections, etc